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Line Jetting

At Scenic City we offer jetting and cleaning services for small or large sewer lines, culverts or pipe. By keeping your line clean you reduce the chance of pipe restrictions. We offer these services for waste water treatment plants, city sewer lines, residential septic lines and restaurant grease trap lines.

Lift Station Cleaning and Repair

We are set up to vacuum out unwanted debris from lift station and remove grease and other foreign material from pumps and floats. In addition, we can pull and replace pumps or floats and offer routine maintenance services.

Catch Basin Cleaning

At Scenic City we can keep your storm drains running smoothly by removing all the debris from your catch basins regularly. Preventive maintenance will help reduce emergency jetting costs and unwanted parking lot flooding.

Scenic City Bozeman, MT


Scenic City Bozeman, MT

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Scenic City Bozeman, MT

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