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Pumping Services

At Scenic City we offer pumping services for septic systems, restaurant grease traps (interior and exterior), lift stations, dose chambers, sumps and catch basins. We handle all sizes of jobs with our variety of equipment. We use small vac units for indoor service and large trucks that can haul 10,000 gallons at a time for large waste water treatment systems.

Grease Trap Sales

We are proud to offer Big Dipper automated and Trapzilla compact conventional grease traps for all sizes of restaurants and food processing facilities. These self contained units retro fit into most existing buildings and eliminate the need for large outdoor traps. These units are tested to ASME standards and meet or exceed most plumbing codes.

Line Cleaning and Jetting

Sewer and drain lines can become plugged or restricted over time which can result in them backing up into your building. At Scenic City we offer jetting services for sewer, drain, and grease trap lines and drain field laterals.

Maintenance and Repair

At Scenic City we offer complete repair and maintenance on all types of septic systems and grease traps. Whether it is installing a new drain field, jetting and existing one or replacing your pump and floats we can handle it for you.

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Scenic City Bozeman, MT

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