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At Scenic City we offer routine maintenance pumping and cleaning for all septic tanks, dose tanks, lift stations and holding tanks. By pumpingyour septic on a routine basis you help reduce the amount of sludge or solid material entering your drain field. There will always be solids that will not completely break down and can only be removed by pumping the tank. In addition, large amounts of solid material can plug filters and baffles causing the system to back up into the home. We recommend staying on a routine pumping schedule to ensure the optimal performance of your system. Please see the chart below to determine how often you should have your tank pumped.

Tank Location

If you are unsure of where your septic tank is located, your local county sanitarian should have an as built drawing showing where your system is located and what its specifications are. In the event that there is no as built on file or if it proves to be in accurate, scenic city offers electronic locating services for septic tanks. For systems that are not backed up, we can flush a small transmitter down the toilet that will make its way to the septic tank. We can then pick up its frequency from above ground and locate the septic tank. In addition, we also offer excavation services to uncover tanks that are located below grade.

Tank Agitation

We pride ourselves in removing all of your solid material in your septic tank. We make this possible by agitating the tank with our state of the art Crust Busters. These machines mix the tank up thoroughly into a liquid form allowing us to remove the hard solid layer that forms on top of the tank.

Tank Risers Septic tanks are usually buried below grade and may need to be excavated if no risers are present to pump the tank. At Scenic City we can locate your access lids and install risers to bring your tanks access points to ground level. We offer traditional concrete risers or new fiberglass risers that match your grass and are bolted down.

Effluent Filters

The majority of newer septic systems come standard with an effluent filter located on the outlet pipe of the septic tank or in the dosing chamber. These filters are designed to keep solid material in your septic tank and out of your dose tank and/or drain field. We recommend cleaning your filter every six months to ensure that it will not plug and cause your system to back up into your home. At Scenic City we offer a routine filter cleaning service to ensure your peace of mind.

Dose Systems

Your septic system may have an additional pump chamber that pumps your effluent to your drain field. This chamber should be cleaned regularly to prevent build up of solid particles in the bottom of the tank and excessive wear on your pump. Solid material shortens the life of pumps and can clog the laterals of your drain field.


and Repair We offer complete repair and maintenance for all types of septic systems. Whether it is installing a new drain field, jetting an existing one or replacing your pump and floats, we can handle it for you.

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